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HTTP verbs

The Exorde API fetches data analyzed by the Exorde protocol. The following HTTP verbs are used:

  • GET : retrieve a resource or a collection of resources.
  • PUT : update a resource or a collection of resources.

HTTP request headers

The following HTTP request headers must be included in every request:

  • Accept: The response format, which is required for operations with a response body. The only supported value is application/json.
  • X-Exorde-Api-Version: The API version. The only supported value is v1.
  • Authorization: The access token. The syntax is Bearer <api-key>.


The API does not provide any sorting parameter. Resources are sorted by name (ascending) or by creation date (descending). All paginated endpoints give the sorting criteria used.


Some paginated endpoints provide query parameters to filter the results. There is no common filters, they depend on each endpoint. Filters represent a AND condition, results must match all filters. Some filters combination can return no result.


When a filter is used, the corresponding field in the ressource is always included in the response, even if it's an optional response field.

Array parameters

Some request parameters accept multiple values, for example the parameter keywords in the GET /posts endpoint. These parameters can be provided by two ways:

  • Put all values concatenated in a list: parameter=value1,value2
  • Put the parameter for each value: parameter=value1&parameter=value2