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Credits and rate limit

API consumption

Monthly credits

All API plans include an amount of credits reset every month, limiting the the number of calls that can be made monthly. All successful request (HTTP Status 200) cost one or several credits. The cost depends on the operation, it is documented in operation's description. The cost is also returned with the data, see the status object for details.

The credit reset occurs the 1st at 00:00 UTC, the first month is billed pro-rata.

You can log in your Exorde account or use the API to monitor your API key usage and limits.


All errors caused by a misfunctionning client (HTTP Status 400 and 404) cost one credit.

Additional credits

If you exhaust your credits limit, you can buy more credits and use them until the next credit reset. When you buy new credits, you give the maximum number of credits you want to buy and only used credits are billed.

Additional credits configuration is reset every month, so you keep control on the expenses.

API plan subscription update

The Exorde API uses monthly subscriptions. You can change your subcription any time, it will be effective on next monthly reset.

Rate limit

In addition to monthly credit limit, a rate limit is applied to protect the Exorde API. This is a hard limit depending on your API plan and cannot be overridden.